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New York

New York

Our main Certified Facilitator here in New York is Adam LippinJamie Garde is on sabbatical and we look forward to her returning.

From Adam: I am excited to be a Cuddle Party Facilitator in NYC. In addition, I am Co-Founder, along with Madelon Guinazzo of Cuddlist.com where we train and certify people to be Professional Cuddlers, (one-on-one cuddlers) so I am steeped in the world of Cuddling and I love it…

Our parties are usually approximately gender-balanced and I also sometimes host Men (identified)-Only Cuddle Parties.

We post our parties on both the official Cuddle Party website (this one) and we also have a Meet-up page:


If you would like to be on our Cuddle Party email list, please email Adam at adam@cuddlist.com

Hope to see you at our Cuddle Parties!


Cuddle Parties are also happening in Syracuse! More here!